Project Training Sessions

Project Training Sessions

From £25 per session

Our Project Training Sessions are a unique way for you to get expert help over a longer period – which is ideal if you need expert help to guide you through a project such as researching your family tree, organising years of photos into folders or preparing your memoirs.

Our expert will visit you in your home to complete an initial assessment of your project, map out the steps of the project and then agree how many visits from our expert you will need.  You can spread these sessions at intervals that suit you, once per week, once per month or whatever works for you so that you’ll be making progress on your project at your pace.

We offer discounted rates for our Project Training Sessions so your sessions could cost as little as £25 per session.

To book your free initial project assessment please call the office on 0191 209 9088.

Prefer just a one off training session?  You need a One To One Training Session.

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