Repair & Support Services

Remote Support

Sometimes when using your computer you might hit a little snag and need a little help to get back moving again.

Computer Repair

Computers are amazing……when they work! When things do go wrong our experts are here to get you back up and running in no time.

Home Visits

Our experts will visit you in your home and resolve all of your technology problems. They can help you with your computer

Training Services

Project Training Sessions

Our Project Training Sessions are a unique way for you to get expert help over a longer period – which is ideal if you need expert

One To One Training

Our experts will visit you in your home and create a custom, unique training session tailored to your needs

Group Training

We run small group classes on popular topics that help people baffled by technology to feel more confident using their technology, do more with their


Complete Computer Care

Here at TheTechTeam we offer two membership services that will keep your computer in tip top shape and provide support for when it’s acting up

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