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Common Technology Myths Busted

Myth: Hackers won’t target me because I have nothing for them to take

Even if you don’t use your computer to handle money or any sensitive information that doesn’t mean a hacker can’t still benefit from you. There are many ways they can do this such as using your computers processing power as part of a bot network or using your accounts to target others. No matter what you use your computer for it’s a good idea to still follow safety practices as anyone could be a target

Myth: Apple computers cant get viruses

Most people don’t use Apple computers, most use Windows based machines and due to that simple fact most viruses are created to target Windows computers. But that certainly does not mean Apple computers and phones are impervious to viruses. No matter what computer you have it is always a smart idea to install antivirus software.

Myth: Browsing in incognito mode makes you anonymous

Incognito does not mean anonymous, pretty much all incognito mode does it stop your browser from tracking your history. This is great if you don’t want other people who use the computer to see what you’ve been up to. However incognito mode does not stop the website seeing who is accessing it, it won’t keep your unique ISP number hidden.

Myth: Cell phone towers emit dangerous radiation

With the 5G network starting to be built around the world there has been renewed interest in these towers. You may have seen Facebook posts or alternative health websites pushing the idea that these towers emit radiation that is dangerous to our health. The reality is that science says these towers do emit some radiation, however this is a specific type of radiation called ‘non-ionizing’. Non-ionizing radiation is not harmful to people. Every day objects such as microwaves and FM radios also fall into this non dangerous category.

Myth: Closing background apps increases a phones battery life

This is one that even I thought was true until I started researching for this article. Having apps in the background does not actually do anything to your phones battery life. Your phone puts these apps into a sort of sleep mode whereby they can be opened and “woken up” very quickly. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering confirmed this himself.

Myth: Companies like Facebook and Google listen to you through your phones microphone

Have you ever been having a conversation about something and then a while later you get an advertisement for a product related to what you were talking about? Many of us have and it can seem quite unsettling but the reality is that these companies have extremely advanced algorithms that can take even small pieces of information about you that you have given and use them to create targeted ads for things that they think you will be interested in. Think of all the many many times you saw advertisements that you weren’t interested in. It’s purely coincidental.

Myth: if your computer is running slow that means it has a virus

Although it is possible that a virus could be the cause of a slow computer it is simply one of many things that could be the problem. Try closing a few programs, It could be that you’re running too many programs and its putting too much strain on your CPU or RAM. Remember that computers generally do slow down with age.

Myth: You must regularly defragment your hard drive.

In the past defragmentimg a computer’s hard drive is something that everyone recommended you do regularly. It was supposed to improve performance by reorganizing files so that your computer could access them faster. However modern computers do this automatically and there is no longer any need for users to bother with this. Infact if your computer has an SSD defragmenting can actually damage it.

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