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How To Get Your Groceries Online Using Your Computer

Understandably many people are wary of going to the shops themselves during this time and so The Tech Team has created a quick and easy guide on how to go about doing your shopping online using your computer. For the purposes of this guide we’re going to be using Asda’s website but you can do the same thing with other retailers.

Ok so first things first let’s get started by heading over to Asda’s website using the following link – https://groceries.asda.com/

When the page has loaded you’re going to want to click on the ‘Register’ button near the top right, which we have circled in red.

Once you hit Register you’ll be redirected to the sign up page where you’ll be asked to enter some of your details.

Here’s an excerpt from a previous article where we gave advice on how to create a strong password.

“Now there are various ways to make a strong and secure password but one trick I like to use when making a password for a particularly sensitive account such as a bank account is to think of a memorable sentence and use the first letter of each word as well as a couple of numbers. Just be careful to not use things like names of children and pets or birthdays for a pin code. If you write down your password make sure that you put it somewhere hidden and secure.”

We recommend that you tick the 2nd box below the Terms & Conditions box in order to avoid receiving unwanted emails, but that’s up to you.

Once you’ve created your account Asda will send you a confirmation email but you do not need to verify your account via email unlike some websites.

So once your account is created and you’re logged in go ahead and click on Groceries below the Asda logo, this will bring up a list, you can hover your mouse over the arrows beside each category which will bring up another list. Use this method to navigate to the type of products you’re looking to buy. Alternatively you can type the name of what you want in the search bar.

In this example we’ll search for some apples. Use the two bars at the top to your advantage, you can choose a brand which will hide all but that brand’s products or use the Sort bar to change the order in which the products appear. For example you could sort them to start with the cheapest item and have the most expensive items at the bottom or even sort them by their calorie content. Make use of these to customise your experience!

Once you’ve picked what you want go ahead and click the green Add button. Once you do the Add button will change to allow you to select what quantity of that item you would like to add to your basket.

When you’ve added all the items you want look to the top right of your page for the trolley icon, click on that and then click ‘View Full Trolley’.

Have a good look at the items in your basket to make sure you have the correct quantities of everything you want and when you’re ready go ahead and click on the Checkout button on the right hand side.

As you follow the checking out process you will be directed to the slot booking page which has a calendar and hourly slots. Unfortunately when writing this article all of the available slots were sold out but new ones will become available so we recommend checking back periodically throughout the day until you can get a slot.

There is also the option to choose a click and collect. If you choose this option then Asda will pick and bag your food for you and you must go to the store to collect your shopping.

Unfortunately this is where the pictures end as we could not go further when creating this article due to the lack of slots. However the process after this point is simply that Asda will ask for your payment method, your card details. You may be wondering if this is safe and the answer is yes. Asda’s website will encrypt your bank information so nobody else will be able to get to it.

Be aware that when you order payment will not be taken immediately. 1p will be taken from your bank account to ensure the details are correct and on the day your shopping is due the full amount will be taken. 

Of course some items may be out of stock and if that is the case they will either be replaced with items that the employee who picks your shopping thinks is close to what you wanted or you will be refunded for the item. You will not have to pay extra if the replaced item costs more than the one you originally paid for.

Thank you for reading this article and hopefully it helped some of you, check back next week for more!

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