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How To Setup Video Calling to Talk to Your Family and Friends

Many people face the next few weeks or even months alone, self isolating away from family and friends. But it’s a time when we need those social bonds the most and sometimes a phone call just doesn’t cut it. Seeing the faces of a loved one is a huge morale booster and can keep us going through tough times. So in this article we’ll take you through the process of setting up a video call. First we’ll show you how to set it all up on a mobile device using an app and then how to do the same on a desktop computer or laptop.

There are many different apps and websites that provide video calling services but for today we’ll just be going over two of the most popular options; Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Okay let’s get started with mobile.

Open up your devices app store and in the search bar type ‘Messenger’. Now there will be a bunch of similar looking apps but make sure you get the one developed by Facebook, in the picture image you can see Facebook written underneath the app name.Go ahead and open up the app, you’ll be presented with a login screen, tap on create account.

Enter your name, date of birth and then phone number.

You’ll be asked to create a password, The Tech Team has articles covering how to make a strong password (Check out the ‘How To Stay Safe When Banking Online Article if you want a bit of advice on this).

Once you’ve created your account you may need to verify your number or email address, Facebook will send you a code if that’s necessary.

Now that you’re logged into the app go ahead and tap on the search bar, type the name of the friend you wish to chat with. Now remember that a lot of people could share the same name so look at the profile pictures to find the person you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found them tap on their profile to open up a chat with them

Now finally look to the top right and tap on the video chat icon (we’ve circled it in the below image) and it will call your friend!

Alright next up how to video call on a desktop computer or laptop. Keep in mind you’ll both need webcams in order for this to work. Many laptops have webcams built into them, at the top just above the screen.

For this we’re going to use Skype. Head on over to this website – https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

Click on the drop down menu pictured below and select ‘Get Skype for Windows’ (If you have an Apple Mac computer you’ll need to click the option below for Mac, but for the purpose of this tutorial we’ll be using Windows.

This will start the download automatically, your computer may ask you for permission to open the file, click run.

After that you’ll get another popup from Skype, just click install.

Once it’s installed it should open the Skype app automatically. Then you’ll need to create an account, again you can use either a mobile number or an email address (If you already have a Microsoft account you can use those login details). Keep following along the process inputting your details as you go. Again you’ll be asked to verify either your phone number by receiving a text with a code or by receiving an email, this is why you need to use a valid number or email address.

So once you’ve finished signing up and you’re logged in take a look at the top left of the Skype app, here you can search people by name. If you want to know your exact Skype ID name click on the small circle at the very top left, pictured here.

Clicking that will open up a drop down menu, click on ‘Skype Profile’ and there you’ll find your Skype name.

Once you have someones Skype name it’s very simple to search them up, start a conversation with them and on the top right you have the options to call them, video call them or add them to a group.

Hopefully this helped you get started with video calls, never have they been so useful or so important. Thank you for reading.

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